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Natasha Rouse

Parent Engagement Instructional Specialist Office of Federal Programs & Grants
Newark Board Of Education

Natasha Rouse, a distinguished educator with over two decades of experience, has passionately devoted her career to nurturing young minds in the vibrant community of Newark and its surrounding counties. Currently holding the rewarding position of Parent Engagement Instructional Specialist at the Newark Board of Education, Natasha serves as a beacon of guidance and inspiration. In her pivotal role, she not only mentors Parent Liaisons but also cultivates partnerships that foster a supportive educational ecosystem. Driven by an unyielding faith in the potential of every student, Natasha is resolutely dedicated to empowering families and witnessing the tangible triumphs of student achievement. Her profound commitment to education is underscored by her innate ability to forge pathways to success, not only for individual students but for entire families, thereby enriching communities and perpetuating a legacy of educational excellence. With Natasha’s visionary leadership and unwavering dedication, she continues to shape the landscape of education, creating opportunities where none existed before and inspiring generations to strive for greatness.