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Lynn Fay

MBA, Ed. S., Certified Clinician Specializing in Estrangement, Grief, Other Family Issues
Time 2 Thrive, LLC

Lynn is a certified practitioner, experienced college professor, and a state certified school administrator with a wealth of complementary experience in all three sectors. Her professional experiences stem from the preparation she received from Yale University, graduating with a degree in psychology.

After her tenure in public school education, Lynn became an estrangement clinician primarily working with parents who are estranged from their adult sons and/or daughters.  Her lived experience as an estranged parent is a far greater credential than her degree in psychology and training as a life coach combined.  Like many of her clients, Lynn made some critical mistakes throughout her children’s lives.  She shares, “Estrangement is now the price I am paying for those mistakes.”  When she stopped berating herself, she grew to make her mess her message (in the words of the co-host of Good Morning America, Robin Roberts) or turn her pain into a purpose.  

Her clients range in age from approximately 20 to 90, and they consist of parents, grandparents, sons, and daughters who are all trying to navigate estrangement.  Lynn even has several clients who have peaceful relationships with their adult sons and daughters, but they work with Lynn to improve those bonds.  Lynn also constructs clinical observations aimed at supporting estranged parents, but they can apply to any difficult relationship.  In April 2024, Lynn’s first two articles from her series entitled, “Clinical Observations from an Estrangement Clinician” were published by the C-PTSD Organization and are available here.