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Desmond Rudd, Ed.D.

K12 Education | Higher Education / Certified Executive Coach
Professorial Lecturer / Chief Executive Strategist

Dr. Desmond Rudd is driven by a profound commitment to empowering urban communities with the necessary resources and educational opportunities for sustainable growth across generations. With a wealth of experience and expertise in nonprofit management, operations, fundraising, K-12 education systems, family engagement, DEI, and board governance, he employs these tools to enhance the well-being of communities and ensure their longevity and sustainability. Desmond unwavering dedication to people, his fervor for catalyzing change, and his relentless pursuit of efficient and high-functioning teams enable him to effectively support organizations in achieving their goals, realizing their aspirations, and bringing their visions and dreams to fruition. Dr. Rudd holds a diverse educational background, including a BS.Ed in Music Education from the University of Alabama, an MS.Ed in Childhood Education/ Students with Disabilities from Canisius College, and an Ed.D in Education Policy and Leadership from American University.

His current endeavors primarily revolve around the exploration of family voice utilization in K-12 Community Schools and the implementation of antiracist family engagement practices. As a scholar, Dr. Rudd research interests span various areas, such as special education, K-12 school leadership development and training, DEIA, and family engagement/outreach. Currently, Dr. Desmond Rudd serves as a Chief Executive Strategist at The Equity Table and holds a position as a Professorial Lecturer and Clinical Faculty member at American University School of Education. Through these roles, he continues to dedicate himself to serving, teaching, amplifying, and advocating for educational equity and access, particularly within marginalized and BIPOC communities.