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Darbi Hunt

Early Childhood Projects Manager - Community and Family Service Division

Darbi Hunt is the Early Childhood Projects Manager for BHSSC’s Community and Family Service Division. Through this work she supports resource development, training, and family engagement for families and childcare providers. Some of her projects include South Dakota’s Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems Collaborative Family Leadership, Families First Home Visiting and Common Sense Parenting. Darbi has a Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology. Darbi serves on several boards including South Dakota’s Learn the Signs Act Early Team, The South Dakota Department of Health’s Newborn Screening Committee and Early Learner South Dakota, as the co-chair of the Collaboration Committee and member of the Leadership Committee.

Darbi resides in Sturgis, SD. She is a wife, a mother to teenage boy-girl twins and
serves as an advocate for people receiving services.